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TLC系列立式槽罐泵 /TLC Series of Vertical Tank Pump

    TLC 泵是立式、单级、单吸、导叶式离心液下泵,泵的设计执行ISO5199标准。主要用于输送清洁的或污染的、低温或高温的、化学中性或腐蚀性的体液体。适用于槽车、罐车、石化、化工、食品、饮料、制药、轻工、纺织等。


    The submerged pump TLC is vertical,single-stage, single entry submerged centrifugal pump. Used for pumping clean and polluted, cold or hot,chemically neutral or aggressive liquids. Mainly applied for containers,tanks,petrochemical, chemical,foodstuff,drinks,pharmacy,light industry, textile ect.


流量 Capacity ~65 m3/h

扬程 Head ~85 m

温度 Temperature ~+180℃

压力 Pressure ~16 bar