大连任原泵业有限公司成立于2000年,注册地址位于大连市旅顺口区北海街道兴海路509-9号, 注册资金5000万元,厂区占地面积20000平方米,是从事化工离心泵研发和制造的专业厂家。

Dalian Renyuan pumps Co. Ltd was founded in 2000, and is a pump manufacturer committed to R & D and manufacturing of centrifugal pump applied to various chemical process. The company was registered with capital of ¥50,000,000.00 RMB, and the registration address is located in No. 509-9, xinghai road, Behai block, lvshunkou district, Dalian city. Total factory covers an area of 20000 square meters.

  •  RPP系列混流泵
  •  HZW系列轴流泵
  •  TLC系列立式槽罐泵
  •  TG高温液下泵
  •  TDJ立式多级泵
  •  TC长轴液下泵
  •  RHD 系列重工位石油化工流程泵
  •  DJS 系列卧式多级泵
  •  DJK 系列卧式多级泵
  •  DJD 系列卧式多级泵
  •  DJ系列卧式多级泵
  •  DDS 系列双吸泵
  •  ZR系列标准化工泵
  •  XBL系列小流量石油化工流程泵
  •  RNS系列标准化工泵
  •  RGD系列管道泵
  •  LY系列石油化工流程泵
  •  DZX系列自吸式石油化工流程泵


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