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TDJ立式多级泵 /TDJ Series of Vertical Multi-Stage Pump

    TDJ 是立式悬垂、双层壳体( 筒袋) 多级泵。叶轮形式为单吸、径向式叶轮, 首级为吸入式叶轮。设计符合API610标准。适用于低NPSHA的介质,和各种清洁或稍有污染的液体; 低温或高温液体; 化学中性或有腐蚀性液体。主要用于工业流程、化学工业、石化、石油加工、石油天然气及石油精炼。


    The TDJ  Vertically suspended、double casing(canned) pumps were API610 VS6 design,with single suction、radial impeller. were used where NPSH available is limited, Pumping clean or slightly polluted、cold or hot、chemically neutral or aggressive liquids. Mainly for application in industrial, chemical, petrochemical, hydrocarbon processing, oil & gas and refinery services.


流量 Capacity ~800 m3/h

扬程 Head ~800 m

温度 Temperature -65~+180℃

压力 Pressure ~100 bar