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RHD 系列重工位石油化工流程泵 /RHD Series of Heavy Duty Petrochemical Process Pump

    RHD 系列泵是卧式、单级、双吸、蜗壳式、径向剖分、两端支撑式、顶进顶出、重工位流程泵, 为标准的API 610 BB2泵。输送清洁的或污染的、高温的或低温的、化学中性或腐蚀性的液体。广泛应用于电站、石油化工、炼厂、海上平台、管线加压等。

    RHD  is  API 610 BB2 pumps are horizontal, single-stage, double suction, volute casing, radially split between bearings, centerline mounted, top suction and top

discharge, heavy duty process pumps with enclosed type double suction impeller. Pumping clean or polluted, cold or hot, chemically neutral and corrosive liquids. These pumps are primarily used in process applications in refineries, petrochemical plants, power station, offshore platform, pipelines.

流量 Capacity ~2750 m3/h

扬程 Head ~400 m

温度 Temperatures -28 ~+425℃

压力 Pressures ~50 bar