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XBL系列小流量石油化工流程泵 /XBL Series of Low-Flow Petrochemical Process Pump

    XBL系列标准化工泵是卧式、单级、单吸离心泵,产品符合API610第八版标准,是标准的小流量化工流程泵。 主要应用于化工、石油化工、炼油厂、发电厂、造纸及医药、食品、制糖等行业。输送清洁或含有小于2%固体颗粒各种温度的介质。

    XBLseries of standard chemical pump is the horizontal , single stage end suction centrifugal pump. The product meets the eighth edition of standard API610, and is the standard low flow chemical process pump. It is mainly used in chemical , petrochemical , oil refineries , power plants , paper and pharmaceuticals, food, sugar and other industries. It can transport media that is clean or contain less than 2% solids of various temperatures.

流 量 Capacity  0.4 ~15m3/h      

扬 程 Head ~125m

温 度 Temperature  -80 ~ +450 °C

压 力 Pressure ~2.5Mpa