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LY系列石油化工流程泵 /LY Series of Petrochemical Process Pump

    LY泵是卧式单级轴向吸入径向剖分蜗壳式流程泵, 闭式叶轮。依据API610标准及DIN/ISO/VDMA 24297标准进行设计。主要适用于清洁的和污染的、低温和高温的、化学中性或腐蚀性的液体。尤其适用于炼厂、石油化工、低温工程、煤化工、化肥、电站辅助循环、加热与空调、区域供热、纸浆与造纸、海上平台和一般工业应用。

    LYare developed as Single-stage horizontal radially split volute Closed impeller pump. Standardized according to API and DIN/ISO/VDMA2429.These pumps are suitable for clean or polluted liquids, cold or hot, chemically neutral or corrosive liquids.Apply for refineries,petrochemical industry,  low temperature  engineering, coal processing, fertilizer, power auxiliarycirculation, heating and Air-conditioning,zone heat supply, paper and pulp,ship and offshore industries,,general processing industries. 

流量 Capacity~2600 m3/h

扬程 Head ~250 m

温度 Temperature -40~+450℃

压力 Pressure ~135 bar*